About Wishbone Wellbeing


Isa was born into a Santa Barbara family that inspired her love for food, community, and the arts from a very young age. She grew up cooking in the kitchen with her Papa, a true mad scientist in the kitchen. Isa is the ultimate community gatherer and good time rallier. Her magic in the kitchen puts a smile on both your face and your belly. It is this very joy that fuels her passion for love-filled culinary arts. She is the backbone of Wishbone. In her early adulthood she decided to enroll in Bauman College, a therapeutic culinary school; simultaneously, running a summer camp teaching kids how to cook and about nutrition. Once she had the knowledge and the tools Isa set out to New York City to see what she was made of. There she learned the meaning of hard work as a line cook. She moved on to be a private chef, where she had the freedom to be a creative mastermind in the kitchen. Isa has come back to Santa Barbara after 10 years away to give back to her hometown one meal at a time.


Lena grew up in New Jersey, amongst the isles of her parents health food store The Healthy Habit. Instead of eating candy and watching cartoons, she learned the names of different super foods and sat at the checkout counter getting to know each customer. Lena brings that into her role at Wishbone by making everyone feel at home and in knowledgeable hands. She is the connector: streamlining and systematizing with an infectiously positive attitude. Having worked at the Santa Barbara Farmers Market for the past 6 years, Lena knows who grows the best produce and is lovingly meticulous as she chooses her ingredients. She knows every farmer by name and has fostered relationships with each of them. She is devoted to health and a holistic lifestyle and lives to eat. Wishbone is her way of giving the gift of health and delicious food back to her community.

Customer Testimonials

Delicious and healthy, the food from Wishbone is also stunning to look at. Isa and Lena are easy to work with and provide a zen-like vibe in the kitchen. I can taste the love in their food and it warms my heart every time.

Melodee Meyer, Santa Barbara

Local Partnerships in Santa Barbara, CA

Above all, we believe in community. What that means to us is working with local companies that we see doing amazing things that are helping the world in big and small ways. The people and companies we partner with are our extended family.

Juice Ranch in Santa Barbara, CA